About - Kupler mini-caravan


Kupler is a young brand filled with our desire and enthusiasm to build you a loyal companion for your travels. Whether the road takes you to nature or you go exploring cities, you will always have your own bedroom and kitchen with you. Many eyes will follow you along the way, as Kupler is a true eye-catcher. Its appearance comes from the 1930s when this style of teardrop trailer was first unveiled. But we have enhanced everything else, so you have all the modern amenities for your comfort.

We pay a lot of attention to quality, so that you can rely on Kupler no matter what the conditions outside. It will survive bumpy roads in the countryside (and cities alike), give you shelter from the rain and keep you warm at night. We strive for long-lasting caravans that can be passed down from generation to generation, and we hope that Kupler will be part of the great memories you create with your family and friends.

We are building mini caravans but not only; we are also building a community. We’d love you to share your Kupler travel stories and pictures with us, let us know where the road has taken you and what exciting things you have experienced along the way. That helps us create a new family – the Kupler family.

Come and join us on our journey!