Teardrop Camper Advantages I 14 Reasons to Own One
Two Kupler teardrop campers

Why Choose a Teardrop Camper?


Teardrop campers (also known as a teardrop caravan and teardrop trailer) were very popular back in the days in the USA, but they almost disappeared for decades when more powerful cars and bigger caravans entered the market combined with cheap fuel prices. In recent years, the popularity of teardrop trailers has been on the rise again in different continents, and more and more people are finding this type of mini caravan to be the perfect fit for them. So what are the advantages of a teardrop camper that have caused its resurgence?

Advantages of a Teardrop Camper

Lightweight and easy to tow
Teardrop campers are small and light; therefore, there is no need for heavy-duty car to tow it. Mini caravans can be towed by just about any car as long as it has a hitch. So there is a good chance the car you already own has the power to tow a teardrop camper.

The small size of teardrop campers also makes them easy to manoeuvre. Whether it’s navigating through tight spaces when getting fuel, parking at overcrowded spots or manoeuvring between trees at the campsite – all this can be done stress-free.

The small weight and size of the teardrop camper also makes reversing easier. And if you ever find yourself stuck with seemingly no way back or forward, you can always unhitch your mini caravan and push it to the right position yourself. It probably won’t even make you sweat.

Most teardrop trailers cost significantly less than bigger caravans. And the lightweight and aerodynamic, low profile design of teardrop trailer ensures that the fuel consumption of the towing vehicle is only minimally affected. So not only are teardrop campers less expensive, they are also economical to run.

Low Maintenance
Teardrop campers don’t need much maintenance. They have a compact design and functionality with fewer systems and moving parts onboard that can potentially fail, in comparison to bigger caravans. This ensures low upkeep costs, adding another element to the cost effectiveness of owning a teardrop camper.

Easy to Store
Teardrop campers are small and therefore don’t take up much space. Most teardrops easily fit in a garage, driveway or parking spot. This means you can store your caravan at home and there is no need to use vehicle storage facilities and pay for storage. If you store your teardrop camper on your premises, you can even use it as a guest bedroom when you have visitors staying overnight.

Because teardrop trailers are small, lightweight and easy to tow, they can go to many places bigger caravans and motorhomes can’t. With a teardrop mini caravan, you can access remote areas and take advantage of the most scenic sites.

Even at campgrounds, bigger caravans are often forced to stay in flat spots as the trees could damage the caravan. With a teardrop camper, this kind of issue doesn’t really crop up and nothing is there to prevent you from choosing the most picturesque spot.

Most teardrop campers are easy to customise to make truly your own. You can custom design the exterior to express your personality, opt for bigger tires which give more ground clearance, have a roof rack for kayaks, canoes, surfboards, etc. There are also many third-party add-on options available such as tents, roof tents, awnings, etc. that can be added to teardrop campers to extend their space.

Smaller Carbon Footprint
As the fuel consumption of the towing vehicle doesn’t increase significantly when hauling a mini caravan, then this means a lower carbon footprint compared to bigger caravans and motorhomes. It also takes less resources to produce a little teardrop caravan, which in turn has less impact on the environment.

Appealing Design
Teardrop trailers have an iconic design. They look cosy and cute and far more appealing than box-shaped caravans and motorhomes. It’s safe to say that the design of the teardrop trailer is a big contributing factor to their popularity.

Teardrop camper in the nature

Being close to nature
A teardrop camper encourages you to be in nature. You use the cabin mostly for sleeping and do your cooking outdoors. So you really feel you are part of nature. Bigger caravans and motorhomes, on the other hand, can encourage you to spend more time inside as they tend to be houses on wheels with the same distractions and temptations as at home.

Easy set up
As all the camping gear can be stored in a teardrop camper, it’s very easy to get out and go in the matter of minutes. Once you are at the campsite, set up (and later take down) doesn’t take longer that 10-15 minutes. While your campsite neighbour with a bigger caravan is still busy with manoeuvring and unhooking, you can already relax and enjoy the great outdoors.

More comfortable than a tent
Teardrop campers are an upgrade from a tent by offering more comfort yet still keeping you close to nature. You have a comfortable bed and don’t have to sleep on rough or uneven ground. You are also protected from the elements by the sturdy walls and roof, staying cosy and warm inside.

Similar to bigger caravans, the advantage compared to a tent is also the set up and take down time. This can be big hassle with a tent, while the set up of a teardrop camper barely takes any time. Teardrop campers also offer more security. When leaving the campsite, a teardrop camper can simply be locked up and your possessions are safe while you are away.

Bigger from inside than outside
Teardrop campers are small and this is a fact. From the outside, it might look there is not much space for anything. But you may be surprised when you go inside. It actually feels more spacious from inside than outside. As teardrop campers are small, many smart solutions are used to create more space. One solution for example is underfloor storage compartments that give extra space for the gear you bring along.

Light travel
As teardrop trailers are small, despite all the smart solutions the space is still limited. But we see this as a positive thing. You only take with you the things you actually need and don’t overpack. This also makes packing and unpacking a much quicker and easier process.

If nevertheless you need to take more things with you, there is always the option to use your towing vehicle to store some of the things as well as the add-on options of a roof rack and storage boxes, which will extend the available space even further.

Resale value
Teardrop campers are less expensive than bigger caravans and motorhomes. They also have fewer systems and moving parts that can potentially fail, so they hold their resale value very well.

A teardrop camper is a great option for those who love nature and are looking for a small, affordable, easy to maintain caravan with plenty of other advantages. Hopefully, the benefits we have described above will help you consider whether a teardrop camper is a good match for you. If yes, Kupler would be more than happy to build one for you. Contact us to join Kupler family.