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Allow us to introduce ourselves

Kupler is a teardrop-shaped mini caravan built with passion and dedication to quality. It is long-lasting, economical and eye-catching. Although small in size, it’s packed with everything you need for a comfortable getaway. In a matter of minutes, you will be ready to hit the road and be on the way to your next adventure.

Complete model ready to roll

Kupler comes fully equipped. Our list of standard features beats the list of add-ons hands down. That’s because we have included as many features as possible to the standard Kupler. No need to go through the endless add-on lists to complete your model. Kupler is already ready for you.



You don’t need a heavy-duty truck or big car to haul Kupler. It can be easily towed behind a small car, so more than likely it’s suitable for the car you own right now. Kupler is also easy to manoeuvre and control on the road, and you don’t need a special licence to drive it; a category B driving licence will do the trick.


Buying Kupler won’t break the bank and neither will the operational costs. Kupler’s aerodynamic shape and light weight mean that your car doesn’t have to work too hard to haul it, and it won’t be burning much more fuel than normal. So you won’t be fainting at the petrol station when you see the bill.


We use very durable materials and the latest technologies to build you a long-lasting teardrop camper. It will be your loyal travel companion for years, handling bumpy roads with ease and giving you full protection from the elements wherever you go.


With Kupler you will always have your own comfortable bedroom with you, plenty of storage space for your gear and a fully functional kitchen to cook delicious food. You are always ready to go – just grab your bag, hitch the caravan and in a matter of minutes you will be on your way to your next adventure.

Kupler is waiting for you. Are you ready to take this cutie home?

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